At Joynit. We believe in a life full of moment with its true friends

and the countless activities of the week ahead.

Concretely, we have developed ultra-simple functions to save you time for what matters :

  • The thread of actions : Joynit lets you know in a minute where, when and how to join your friends
  • Planning : Thanks to its calendar synchronization technology, finds the best date for all guests in 2 clicks. Gone are the battles of 'availability' and other endless doodles!
  • Gold Plans : We select for you the offers of premium brands sorted on the side and offer them to you, only when you win. Discount at the bar, at the restaurant, at the museum, at the gym: Joynit will put you in good shape but is forbidden to pollute you with useless ads.
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Where to next?

Joynit grows day by day with the activities of your friends. Subscribe below to join them on Joynit!