Tutorials to do more with Joynit

Create an event on Joynit is super easy!
This tutorial video below will guide you through the steps to do so :-)

There are several ways to add a cover photo on Joynit. Either by importing your own photo from your mobile or computer, or by choosing images from the Google Maps address you entered, or by keyword through our photo library.

Via Google Maps or keywords

The date survey is one of the best tools to easily find the best time to complete your event or activity. Joynit is the Doodle killer. To do this add a simple poll to your event by selecting multiple date. Then choose the tentative date and everything is ready! Your guests will be able to vote for the date they prefer, and you can close the poll.

Sharing your event will help to attract more participants and can be very convenient if your friends are not yet on Joynit. For that, we have planned everything. Discover below:

Joynit is the perfect tool for communities! To do this you just need to create it via the menu the web application 'Create a community'.
You can then complete all the steps quickly and your community will be created allowing you to share it with all your members. Get started: