Joynit is designed on the basis of IT security standards. The company is very attentive to the details. Nothing is too good for your safety. You can use Joynit with complete peace of mind.

Your photos are in a safe place

They are not in the application. They are not on Joynit's servers either. They are kept, remotely, on servers secured by the leader of the storage of the photos.

Geolocation on your mobile only

Joynit allows you to geolocate in order to get to the Joyn place very easily. This location information is not shared and stays on your mobile. It is neither transmitted to our servers nor to third parties.

Your calendar

We allow you to share your calendar to write your Joyns in this one. This also allows you to find a date on which you are available to create a Joyn.

Joynit mobile application
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