Your social calendar to share events and plan your social life

Discover events to come!

The event feed groups all your personal invites along with open events posted by friends and communities your follow. Join it to share a good moment with them or simply gain some inspiration to create your own.

Private event

Private event will be visible only to your designated guests

Open event

An open event is visible to all joyners (friends on Joynit) of the host


A shared calendar connected to your friends and family

Intelligent scheduling

We will let you know whenever you have event or meeting conflicts. Synchronize all your preferred calendars in one intuitive space.

3 weeks calendar view

Enjoy a beautifully designed three-week view to visualize and navigate your social life. Coloured dots indicate the type of event: Sport, Foodie, Party, Culture, or Work.

Synchronize all your calendars

Easily connect all your existing calendars (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Facebook) to have a complete overview of what your day looks like. Your availability will be computed based on the entries from all your calendars including the Joynit calendar!

Best date

Try the smartest date finder in the galaxy!

Intelligent date selection

Joynit can anticipate your guests' availability. Finding the best time for everyone has never been so intuitive!

Include a date survey

Include a survey to offer more flexibility to your guests.

Privacy is ensured

Confidentiality is maintained at all times. Your agenda remains private and unaccessible to anybody else!

An Event

Enjoy a dedicated all-in-one event space

Real-time information

Joynit compiles and updates all relevant information you might need for the event in real time (location, chat, pictures, participants, surveys, etc.). Your event can be synchronized to any calendar.

Invite participants

You can invite friends by email, SMS, personalized notifications, or simply by sharing the event link. A customized calendar invite will be attached.

Enable seamless interaction

End the email back-and-forth. Your event includes the perfect chat functionality. All your invitees can chat with you or amongst themselves on the event page.

A specific shared calendar for communities.

Are you in charge of an association, club, or company? Creating events, informing and inviting large groups of members is never easy. Joynit includes a dedicated shared calendar for communities that you can access and activate in the blink of an eye.

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