Frequent ask questions

Private investors – we have completed Round 2 of seed funding and are in the process of seeking out another round of funding to be able to reach more communities and form meaningful partnerships that will help us achieve the network effects we’re seeking to achieve.
Joynit is currently generating revenues from Corporations who find the Joynit community management platform incredibly useful in the creation of corporate events as well as to ensure that employees within the company have an avenue through which they can interact with one another without the barriers posed by traditional corporate hierarchy. Companies are able to see better synergies between departments through their use with Joynit.

Joynit promises to never run ads.
One of the things that we believe truly separates us from other social networking platforms is that we do not measure our success in the same way that the social media giants do. Oftentimes one of the complaints you will hear about traditional forms of social media are that it is addictive in nature. Well this is because it’s designed that way. The reason it’s designed that way is that they run ads, and their revenue is linked to the amount of time you spend on the platform and as a result the amount of time that you’re able to view ads on their platform.

Joynit doesn’t run ads. Joynit isn’t trying to be addictive. Joynit wants to be able to facilitate real life interactions, so we don’t measure how much time users spend on the application per day – instead we measure the amount of events that users go to as well as the number of events (whether small or large scale) users create.