Create the perfect page for your event and send invites easily

Joynit compiles and updates all relevant information you might need for the event in real time (location, chat, pictures, participants, surveys, etc.).

Invite via email or simply by sharing the event link. It can be synchronized to any calendar.

Add a date survey to find the best time for everyone

You never have to ask people when they’re free to hang out again. With Create event, you get access to our Joynit Smart Survey feature that allows people to pick a date based on their availability. Make the smartest decisions based on our results and your event is going to be a guaranteed hit!

Following up on your invitations is a thing of the past!

Create event lets you know exactly who is attending! Your invitees will be sent a link to which they can RSVP instantly. As a host, you get to keep track of everything. As the coolest new host on the block, you’ve got complete control!

The most intuitive chat integrated with your event page!

The end of harrassful email back-and-forth, your event include a perfect chat. All your attendees can chat with you or amongst themselves on the event page! They can star any messages they deem important and are able to view all previously starred messages in one click!

No need to sign-up!

You’re busy, always on the move – and you want to host the coolest new event on the block. Joynit has you covered. With Create Events, don’t even bother with the signup process – just create your event, manage it and promote it all in a few clicks. It’s the fastest, most intuitive event creation and management platform you’ll be able to find.

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