Chief Happiness Officer

Manage and promote events within your community of employees

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1. Create your community

Every community has its own profile page and dedicated calendar to host events. Your community can be public or private (members need to be approved). Connect to your personnal account on and follow the 4 steps of our community creation process.

Create community

2. Post your events

Create all-inclusive event pages and select your invitees. You can personalize groups of members and control privacy at anytime. Your community calendar will outline all community events.

3. Invite employees to follow you

You already have a company employee base? Super, we will send them an invitation to follow your community. Use our copy/paste member import to quickly get them onboard!

4. Communicate

Send in just 1 clic perfectly designed invitations by email and SMS to all your community members. Thanks to our mobile application, employees can also be notified, discover your events and engage with the company!

5. Connect sub-communities

Your company has many sites or departments? Create sub-communities and connect them together. You will enjoy a global calendar ensuring smooth coordination as well as engaging local information for each team!

Create community
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