Who we are

Our vision is to become your personal assistant for all your activities in your real life

A cheerfully designed application that matches your real life, a dear place of shared moments that holds everyone together. Joynit wants to be your assistant to help you where life just happens and will continue to happen.

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In real life, we take part of distinct groups of friends, all willing to do amazing things together.

The more, the better relationships

Countless quirky social services are born everyday, and yet we couldn’t find a service that perfectly fit our needs to organize activites unique to each of our friends in real life.

Joynit wants to reflect the reality by giving each activities a dedicated space. We will always help your relationships to flourish, both in quality and numbers.

“There’s an incredible amount that Joynit can do, and we’re so excited that you’re going to embark on this journey to find out how Joynit can work for you.”

Thibault Court

President et co-founder

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Our talent team

Godefroy Lemerdy


Thibault Court


Erwan Mongon

Product manager

Agathe Mazzuchetti

Business developer

Sid Gandhi

Growth & strategic development

Mathilde Barbour

Compliance officer & business development

Thai Van Nguyen

Project leader

Huy Do Quang

Tech lead

Thanh Nguyen Thien

Full stack developer

Nhut Pham Luu Minh


Xuan Huy Nguyen

Full stack developer

Hao Tran Thien

Full stack developer

Duong Tran

Fullstack Developer / Team leader

Tung Vu

Fullstack Developer - Backend, Mobile

Vu Huynh

Frontend Developer - Web App

Khang Ha

Fullstack Developer - Backend, Web App

Hoan Tran

Fullstack Developer - Backend, Mobile

Nhi Tran

UI/UX Designer - Team leader

Thi Pham

UI/UX Designer

Ngoc Dang

UI/UX Designer

Tran Trung Tin

Tech lead (former)

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